This could be you! Get bug and Buff! All you ever need!

This could be you!

If you want sexy abs and a flat stomach, MuscleUse is the place to be!

We have all the exercises needed to lose that fat and get lean.

Tighten your abs and become sexy, it's what everyone wants right!

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Get big and buff!

You want those big arms like they are guns? Want that sixpack like the big guys on the beach?!

Or a chest bigger then your girlfriend!?

MuscleUse provides the best exercises for all your muscles to get big!

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All you ever need!

We have all exercises and equipment you will ever need.

With our huge database of exercises we will offer you information to exercises.

Use our exercise and get REAL BIG!

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Find your exercise by muscle group,muscle or exercise type!

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Close grip benchpress

The featured exercise consists of the close grip benchpress! A great exercise for creating bigger arms and stronger shoulders

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Start building muscle mass today! We have hundreds of different exercises and bodybuilding routines! Building lean muscle mass is very important to gain a great looking physique. By exercising and burning fat and calories you will gain great muscles using our exercises.

Get information for each exercise and use it to get big!

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Exercise Directory

Browser trough exercises. Read information and how-to's. Watch video's and rate the exercise! All information you need to perform your exercises the correct way by bodybuilders for bodybuilders.

We provide you over a thousand of exercises, use our videos and content for the perfect form. MuscleUse is like your personal trainer online! Keep workouts fun by using good techniques and form!

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